Anime Junkies

Hello all you anime Junkies! Most of you may not like being referred to as “junkies”, but anyway….

I’m dedicating this blog to posting reviews about my favorite anime. Most of these will be first impressions for anime, nothing too in-depth; we have other bloggers for that. What I want to do is help viewers like you have the best anime viewing experience you can get.

I’ll be posting some of my older entries first, but after that, expect a weekly entry every Sunday night (Time TBA). I’ll let you know when. Also, if any of you have accounts on AnimeAmino, expect new entries there as well.


-The Masked Wanderer

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Post 1

Here’s a poem I found on poem hunter by the late tupac shakur. Hope you enjoy. Leave any reviews in the comments section.

And 2Morrow

Today is filled with anger
fueled with hidden hate
scared of being outcast
afraid of common fate
Today is built on tragedies
which no one wants 2 face
nightmares 2 humanities
and morally disgraced
Tonight is filled with rage
violence in the air
children bred with ruthlessness
because no one at home cares
Tonight I lay my head down
but the pressure never stops
knawing at my sanity
content when I am dropped
But 2morrow I c change
a chance 2 build a new
Built on spirit intent of Heart
and ideals
based on truth
and tomorrow I wake with second wind
and strong because of pride
2 know I fought with all my heart 2 keep my
Dream alive

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Hey. This is my first blog, and I’m pretty excited about it.

Basically, I plan to post up good poems, short stories or anything relating to writing. Besides my own poetry, i will post poems by both old and new poets which i think will be worth looking at, and i will let the readers post reviews and comments. Occasionally, I will post articles about good books and authors I think are worth looking at, or some meaningful quotes and advice.

For this week, I will just stick with the introduction. I will not be updating on a regular basis; I will update whenever I can, because school is starting soon.

That’s all I can think of so far. Will add more to the blog if I think of something else For those of you reading, I hope you stay with me, and learn to appreciate the art of free writing.

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Hello world!

Welcome to After you read this, you should delete and write your own post, with a new title above. Or hit Add New on the left (of the admin dashboard) to start a fresh post.

Here are some suggestions for your first post.

  1. You can find new ideas for what to blog about by reading the Daily Post.
  2. Add PressThis to your browser. It creates a new blog post for you about any interesting  page you read on the web.
  3. Make some changes to this page, and then hit preview on the right. You can always preview any post or edit it before you share it to the world.
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